Alliance HPLC

Ease of Use, Ease of Science, Ease of Mind

Is your liquid chromatography functioning at its best? Is your laboratory taking advantage of what's possible every day?

What started as the gold standard in liquid chromatography remains the gold standard today – the Waters Alliance HPLC® System. No other HPLC solution has ever come to market optimized so thoroughly for the scientific researcher. And no other solution has ever provided so many innovations so continuously in so many application areas.

Waters was the first company to understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When the Alliance HPLC System was introduced in 1996, it integrated chemistry, software, and hardware in one system with an easy user interface. We removed the barriers of running an instrument so that you could focus on science and managing your laboratory.

Today you'll find the Alliance HPLC System referenced in more than 42,500 peer-review journals. Behind the smoothly-running laboratories, the blockbusting drug, the clean water sample, and the safe food, you'll find Alliance. It's no secret. The Waters Alliance HPLC System provides ease – of use, science, and mind.

Alliance HPLC
The industry-standard HPLC platform with versatile, dependable performance, flexible system configurations and scalable separation chemistries that address the analytical needs of your laboratory.

Alliance HPLC Dissolution
An online HPLC platform for automated, high-throughput dissolution and drug release testing.

Alliance HPLC High Throughput
The automated fluidics of the Alliance High Throughput (HT) System improves productivity of HPLC labs that require the selectivity and sensitivity of HPLC/MS or HPLC/MS/MS to produce quality data.

Alliance HPLC Bioseparations
A high-pressure, high-resolution HPLC system with versatile, dependable performance and scalable separation chemistries, designed for the fractionation and analysis of complex biomolecule mixtures.



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